Home Outfitters in Edmonton, Alberta - *** "manager"

Not resolved

I called and asked for a brand new popcorn machine to be held at Home Outfitters at 17531 Stony Plain Rd NW, Edmonton - (780) 496-9354. I live in South Edmonton and the location there only had a used, opened machine.

I was buying this as a gift. The kid who looked at the box didn't realize that it was opened at the bottom of the box. I found this out after waiting over 1/2 hr in line (2 tills opened and at least 15 people in line) and loading it into my car. I immediately walked back and got a refundd from the kid and asked to speak with a manager.

A blonde short haired female "manager" approached me & I asked if there was any compensation for my time and gas & she said no. Fair enough, so I asked for my coupon back so I could visit the north side store, she flat out refused. At this point I started yelling saying I refunded the machine and why I could not get my coupon back? She look for the coupon, found it, stared at it blankly and repeated that I could not get it back???

I grabbed it out of her hand and walked away. I complained to head office about how *** and idiotic this "manager" was and still have not heard back. I you can buy the same product elsewhere, I would strongly recommend it.

This "manager" did not exhibit and common sense. I think she has to be watered regularly.

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